Helping Hands of Bingo

Sue (GENERAL MANAGER) has set up a page called Helping Hands of Bingo.
This is our official host team page and we will be raising as much money as we can in the Next 3 weeks…
12th Nov. – 3rd Dec. to help in the Philippine relief effort.

We have set a target of £5000 which is very ambitious but with the help of all the hosts, players, friends and families it should be attainable
Donating is simple, Just click on the link below
And then click on “donate” at the top right hand corner of the page.

Where in the world is Jim Ayson?

During the early 90’s, I was hooked up from digging some information about computers. Therefore, what I did during that time is that I had been opted to buy books and magazines from the local bookstore. Until I found a local published Philippine computer magazine known as the “PC Digest” a well-known computer magazine for most Pinoy computer aficionados.

Since then I was been a consistent follower and reader of PC Digest due to its relevant content that regularly updates me from reading every magazine issues they had in the past. PC Digest itself has several informative contents including a column from Mr. Jim Ayson called the “Ayson Chronicles” – which one of the best column that contains informative and relevant inputs regarding computers and trends that contributed a lot of information and facts during those years.

Significantly, Mr. Jim Ayson was been an I.T. icon for me because of his impressive articles that brought me became a well-informed reader in my field of my interest. The “Ayson Chronicles” was of his remarkable contribution in awakening the minds of most Filipinos including myself in the progressive world of computing and technology.

Then after PC Digest has gone off the circles in 1995, I never had the chance to follow his tracks. Fortunately, throughout the years that I had been inactive from monitoring what has been going around the Pinoy computing communities. I never thought that Mr. Jim Ayson had gone far with his career in the field of Information and Internet Technology.

From his humble beginnings, the man had proven and excelled in his field of expertise that made himself such a success. Upon searching on the net, I have found that Mr. Jim Ayson was among “The Internet’s 10 Most Influential Filipinos” which was republished by WIRED Philippines.